Product Name: Springtime in Fairytale Land Collection
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Version: v1.0 or above

Author: Majorgaine

Uploaded: 3/5/2012 | User Rating:


Product description

The Complete Scenes Pack of Springtime in Fairytale Land includes 3 different scenes each with 1 background and 1 foreground prop picture, arranged with cherry trees, fairytale plants and Easter eggs baskets.
This pack includes also the complete Cherry Trees Props Pack with 4 different trees in 7 different leaf and blossom variations, the Fairytale Plants Props Pack with 11 different flower plants and grass. Furthermore the Easter Eggs Props Pack with 12 colorfully painted Easter eggs and two baskets full of Easter eggs.

The Springtime in Fairytale Land Collection includes also following Packs:

Springtime in Fairytale Land Basic Scenes Pack

Fairytale Plants Props Pack

Cherry Trees Props Pack 1

Cherry Trees Props Pack 2

Cherry Trees Props Pack 3

Cherry Trees Props Pack 4

Springtime in Fairytale Land Easter Eggs Props Pack


Springtime in Fairytale Land Collection


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