Product Name: War Angel 2nd Edition
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Version: v1.2 or above

Author: Totally2d

Uploaded: 3/9/2012 | User Rating:


Product description

These are props for the 2nd Edition of War Angel. In this pack you wont get Jet Fighters, and guns like you did in War Angel 1st Edition. This pack has blades/ swords/ sharp instruments of death! The weapons are mostly silver metal, and a silver crown is also included. The images attached below best describe how this pack looks and feels to see. I had to inject a lot of passion into all the designs, espaecially the Angel Blade, Angel Crown, and Angel wings! All the designs are just great, and it's a pack thats very different from the previous War Angel Edition.

Enjoy it!

Read me file: War Angel 2 Readme.txt


ancient , Angel blade , club , crown , dagger , Dragon sword , knife , prince , princess , queen , royal , shield , shooting star , sword , Totally2d , war , war angel , weapon


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