Product Name: Sports & Hard Labor Motions
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Version: v5.0 or above

Author: Bigboss    @ Animations4iClone

Uploaded: 3/24/2012 | User Rating:

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Product description

Bigboss is extremely proud to announce the arrival of a series of absolutely outstanding and stunning Motions for iClone Standard Characters by Arteria3D.

These are Sports & Hard Labor Moves by Arteria3D.

This fantastic pack contains 23 High Quality Motion Files. Each motion was carefully ported to the iClone Standard Character Rig by Bigboss. These motions are suited for general purpose including hard Labor work related activities with a few complementary sport moves.


DiggingA, DiggingB, Disappointed, Drinking, Eating, Explanation, Goto_Sleep_Pose, Sleeping,
Idle, Jump_Running, Moving_Left, Moving_Right, PointingA, Run, SitDown,
Stand_From_Sitting, StandingFree, Stretching, Swimming, Tracking, Use_Object, WakingUp, Walk

Most motions are made transitional by design so they can be seamlessly mixed into a realistic looking continuous activity flow.

Have fun!


Bigboss , Diggin , Disappointed , Drinking , Eating , Explanation , Hard , Jump , Labor , Motion , Moving , Pointing , Run , Sit , Sleeping , Sport , Stand , Stretching , Swimming , Tracking , Use , Walking


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