Product Name: G5 Cloth Gwynn COMBO Essentials
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Version: v5.0 or above

Author: Bigboss

Uploaded: 12/4/2011 | User Rating:

iContent: 4,595 | Export: 6,595 (?)

Product description

Bigboss and Shygirl are pleased to introduce the new G5 Cloth for Gwynn.

Upon popular demand, this Pack is the COMBO pack that includes all characters and accessories from the following packs:

- Gwynn G5 Cloth COMPLETE
- Gwynn G5 Cloth Casual Extras
- Gwynn G5 Cloth Miniskirts


- This pack requires iClone 5.02 and up.
- These characters shine by their quality and craftsmanship.



Bigboss , Business , Casual , Classic , Cloth , Dress , Female , G5 , Girl , Gown , Gwynn , Overcoat , Pant , School , Sexy , Skirt , Suit , Teen , VIP


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