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Do you want to create a crowded scene but are worried that it will slow down your system performance? The Low-poly Series is your solution! This month, we're introducing tons of high-quality yet low-poly models with which to populate your scenes. Pick 'em up now and crowd it up!

Animated Crowd Series:

Casting Extras Series:

Custom Avatar Series:

Game Character Series:

Small Crowds Series:

Small Hordes Series:

About Marketplace

Reallusion City's Marketplace is a complete C2C platform which is designed to provide "try before you buy" and "item-based purchase" content live access experience.

Customer Support

Reallusion City Marketplace provides the ability to self-publish your content without having to wait for Reallusion approval. As such, it is the sole responsibility of the vendors to provide full customer service for all products sold in their stores.