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Become a Reallusion developer

The Reallusion Developer Center is open to all artists and developers who are interested in creating custom content for Reallusion software. Become a Reallusion CCD (Certified Content Developer) and get instant access to our developer tutorials, 3D Studio Max templates, plug-ins, and more! Reallusion's software provides you with an audience of over 300,000 customers all eligible to purchase your custom Reallusion content. After you become a Reallusion developer, you can enjoy the following benefits:


- Access powerful tools & training

- Get Preferred developer assistance

- Market your content to millions


Developer Membership Level Information
Reallusion has different levels of developer members. Please see the following table to learn about the criteria & benefits.

  Primary Content Developer Certified Content Developer Veteran Content Developer
Criteria Login to the Developer Center with Reallusion member account. After you confirm the content developer agreement and enter in the serial number of your iClone/Crazytalk PRO edition, you will officially become a PCD. To upgrade your membership to CCD, you need to submit your content pack to the Reallusion Content Store for certification. Once your content pack is approved for sale, your membership will be upgraded automatically. To upgrade your membership to VCD, you have to be a CCD first and submit your request to apply a specific theme store in Marketplace with the required materials and info. Once you are approved as a theme store owner, your developer membership will be upgraded to VCD at the same time.
Benefits & Rights

- Access Max developer guides & white paper

- Max plug-ins

- Exclusive templates for Max

- Join developer marketing program

- Cash out from city

- Get G3 template after certified

- Beta test for major product release

- Advanced developer (content) support (priority)

- Content early access opportunity (base model) for committed content submission
EC Right Open personal store Open personal store

Open theme store
ContentStore Cash Out NO

Quota: $100

Cash out max:100%

Quota: $100

Cash out max:100%
Cash Out Credit Point Only Quota: 10,000 points
Contract security deposit:
5000 points
Quota: 10,000 points
Contract security deposit:
Not required
Membership & Store Access
If you are a PCD member, you will be able to sell your content in a Marketplace Personal Store only. If your content is certified in the Content Store, you become a CCD member, you will be able to sell your content in both the Reallusion Content Store and in a Marketplace Personal Store. If you have passed the theme store application, that makes you a VCD member. You will be able to sell your content in the Reallusion Content Store as well as in your theme store and personal store in City Marketplace.
Get your personal store
Every CCD member is eligible to own a personal store in the marketplace and make money. If you have registered and have already become a Primary Content Developer (PCD), you may start to upload your content, and commercialize your products to customize your store freely.

Invest in a Theme Store
Theme Stores in City allow a team of developers to sell designs together and share the profits they have earned. This provides developers with the opportunity for collaboration and cross-promotion. Reallusion will open specific theme stores regularly according to market demand among other factors. If your application is approved, you may start to sell your designs at a higher profit rate.

In contrast to freestyle personal stores where vendors can sell random types of product, theme stores aim to provide a well-organized marketplace for people to shop by interest. In the meantime, store owners can recruit vendors in the same category, and provide a full spectrum of content alternatives to buyers.
Personal Store vs Theme Store
There are some differences between personal store and theme store as shown below.

1. Personal Store Owner vs Theme Store Owner:
Personal Store Owner Theme Store Owner
Eligible membership for application PCD or above CCD or above
Commission from each transaction 60% up to 80%
Profit share owners can receive from separate vendors X V
Open for different vendors beyond owner X V
2. Commission for each transaction:

This chart shows you how the credit points will be shared after one transaction. If you are a personal store owner, and you sell your own item in your personal store, you will get 60% commission on the item; if you are a theme store owner, and you sell one item from another vendor, you will have the chance to get additional commission on that item (for different vendors, you can set different profit share rates with them), and get up to 80% commission if it’s your own item.