Vendor - Customize Your Store
Set Your Signboard
You may want to promote your products or highlight the name or attribute of your personal store page. You can create text or upload a banner to make a custom signboard as you wish.
Arrange Your Products
Reallusion City provides a “Module Management” function. You can drag the modules to arrange their display sequence. You can refer to the following table for an explanation of the modules that are available to customize your personal store.
Hot Content
List your best selling content in your shop.
All Content
List all your content in your shop.
Rich Text
Use rich text editor to add messages, images, videos, or widgets to your shop.
Display your member status in Reallusion City.
Message Board
Put a message board in your portal/shop so other members can leave a public or private message to you.
Featured Items
List selected feature content in your portal/shop.
Here is an example for your reference of how a personal store looks like.