Vendor - Sell & Share Content
Get the Content Uploader
Content Uploader is an easy tool to quickly submit your contents.
You can edit and save your content information before uploading.
Unlike CCD content, you no longer have to wait
for approval before you sell.
Commercialize your products
Design your product materials
To make your products more attractive, City provides some materials you can use to make your product’s appearance more appealing, including content item/pack thumbnail, content page header, promotional images and videos, and etc.
Sell it as item or pack
You may want to sell a single item or create a theme pack consisting of several items. The “Create Pack” function in the portal management page allows you to create a bundle pack. You can also add more optional information such as images or videos to add the value of your contents.
Set price
You can set a price in the Content Uploader before uploading, or you can set and edit the price for the specific item or a theme pack in the portal management page after uploading.
Share your project or freebie
You can also set the price of your content as 0 point as freebie or bonus project that you can share with the users in the community.
Upload Content
Once your materials and info (product description and specs) are ready, you can start to upload your content by single item or batch process.