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I am a cartoon illustrator specialising in large, high detailed .png props for use in CrazyTalk Animator. You can download some of my content for free so you can test the quality, and if you do please be sure to leave me feedback. You can purchase my content from Marketplace or from my store "Props 'n' Stuff" at You can email me at or visit my facebook page at as I would love to hear what you think and what you might like to see in my store in the future.
"Easy Scene" series

The "Garry Pye Easy Scene Series" consists of professional hand-drawn scenes, each with their own highly detailed .png props designed with the animator in mind, set up and ready to go . These ready-to-use scenes can be customised in any number of ways.

In addition to the backdrop, these scenes each come with their own detailed hand drawn .png props which can be duplicated and moved about any number of ways to create the perfect scene for your next project. Save the props and import them in to larger backgrounds if required, or create your animation in this fully furnished scene.
"The Room" Series

"The Room" is a series of themed backgrounds and their appropriate props specifically designed with the animator in mind. With a high focus on flexibility, each room can be rearranged any number of ways or combined with other rooms in the series to create an endless catalogue of backgrounds for your work.

The original and first in the series, titled "The Room" can be downloaded for free so you can test the quality of my illustrations.
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