Product Name: Stylised Hair Collection (women)
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Version: v2.3 or above

Author: Pixtim

Uploaded: 3/22/2018 | User Rating:

iContent: 2,500 | Export: 3,750 (?)

Product description

• CC Conforming hair
• Easy colors change
• Ready for soft physic

PBR with brightness intensity easily adjustable by Roughness channel

Principle of UV unfolding by strands allowing the user to:

_ easily change hair color with two adjustment zones (upper hair, side and back hair, depending of the model).
_ use two zones of adjustment for the dynamics (hair of the top and hair side and back, according to the hairstyles).

If your character has significant disproportions, consider using the "conform" function of Character Creator to adapt the hair to the best.
You can watch the demo video to see the manipulation.


cartoon , hair , haircut , hairstyle


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