Product Name: cc Cloth Musketeer no.2 Athos
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Version: v6.5 or above

Author: Bigboss

Uploaded: 6/16/2018 | User Rating:

This pack includes following items:

Actor > Standard Human (2)

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Product description

Bigboss is pleased to introduce a series of Photorealistic Cloths for the new Character Creator Cloth System.

Each Cloth uses highly detailed Cloth meshes featuring low to medium polygon count, high resolution textures and carefully sculpted normal maps. The meshes are designed by an award winning fashion designer using Marvelous Designer advanced fashion design tools and rigged to perfection for iClone Character Creator bases by Bigboss.

This pack includes 1 fully textured Musketeer style 2 Character (Athos) plus 1 cc Cloth base complete Musketeer outfit including 5 different unique Cloth pieces.

Best used in Musketeer and other Fantasy type Scenes.

About Bigboss Photorealistic cc Cloths:

These Cloths are true native cc Cloths fully compatible with Reallusion's Character Creator cloth system which means you can apply morphs to shape and customize each character to your liking. You can also save each Cloth piece as separate clothing for applications to other cc characters and complement with any other cc Cloth and accessories.

SPECIAL NOTES: Characters featuring skirts and overcoats include gradient maps and physics soft cloth dynamics. Making significant changes to the geometry of the base character may require resizing collision shapes.

Method of use:

1) Apply Character to scene
2) Select Character
3) Edit in Character Creator
4) Add accessories and customize shape to your liking
5) Save as new Character in Character Creator
6) Alternatively save each Cloth piece as separate item for use on other cc Characters.


- This pack requires iClone 6.5 and up.
- These characters shine by their quality and craftsmanship.
- The folds and level of details on these Cloth are absolutely stunning.

This Pack is compatible and fully complements all other cc Cloth Packs by Bigboss.

Have fun!


Aramis , Athos , Bigboss , Cardinal , Castle , Cruisade , D'Artagnan , King , Knight , Louis , Medieval , Milady , Musketeer , Portos , Queen , Richelieu , VIII


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