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Version: v5.0 or above

Author: Souchen

Uploaded: 3/21/2014 | User Rating:

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Product description

Have you ever seen a fantastic village like this? There are many items here you can use for video, ibook, live wallpaper or game...

Easter Items which just only appear in this pack:
- Decorated Church
- Egg-shape Tree
- Fruit Trees
- Tulip Flower
- Decorated Christian Cross
- Wooden Crates and Wooden Barrels for making obstacles
- Cute Bunny couple
- Bunny Hot-air Balloon carrying Eggs
- Egg Hot-air Balloon carrying rabbit couple
- Easter decorated Arch
- Small bird house
- 5 Egg Houses
- Giant Royal Egg

And following are elements which create the whole village:
- Circus tent
- 3 types of grass
- 7 brick houses + 3 wooden houses
- Gate and Fence
- 3 market stalls
- Watermelon farm
- Pumpkin farm
- Carrot Farm
- Daffodil Farm
- Trees
- 3 types of Mushroom
- Rocks
- Animated Windmill (frame 0-120)
- A Village Pond
- Road pieces to combine long road

In total, the number of objects reach nearly 100. All objects are low-poly models, with high quality texture (1024x1024), small objects are attached with 512x512 texture size.


3D , Countryside , Easter , Environment , Fantasy , Farm , Village


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