Product Name: Playground
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Version: v5.5 or above

Author: VanishingPoint

Uploaded: 8/1/2017 | User Rating:

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Product description

Playground by Vanishing Point

This playground model comes with two slides, a small one for the younger kids and a larger one for the kids that are feeling brave. Please note, although it looks like fun and all your friends probably do it, the manufacturer does "not" encourage kids to walk up the slides! Slides are meant to be slid down, not walked up. Stairs are provided for you to walk up and PLEASE do not slide down the stairs!

Made of colourful plastic paint, no lead paint.

Each slide can be hidden as a sub-prop, and the roofs of the huts are also sub-props for hiding if the camera so requires.

Original model created by Digimation Model Bank. Uploaded for sale here with their full permission.


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