Product Name: Concert Crowd Advanced
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Version: v5.0 or above

Author: WarLord

Uploaded: 6/11/2012 | User Rating:

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Product description

Advanced concert crowd with random motions. A thirty Peep low poly STANDING crowd that can be used for concerts, book readings, plays, studios and other types of events. This is a generic, low key crowd. Other concert crowds will be developed in the future. Suitable for filler, establishing and pan shots among others. Not meant for closeups.

Non-merged prop works with duplicate and multi-duplicate once loaded into the workspace. Initial crowd composition can be modified as this prop gives direct access to each of the thirty low poly characters.

Each character has its own built in motion. Colors can be modified.

I N C L U D E D :

1 - Crowd Dummy
30- Low Poly Standing Crowd Motion Peeps


low poly people , peep , peeps , people. low poly peeps , warlord


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