Product Name: Citroen Traction
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Version: v6.0 or above

Author: Pat59 (RL)    @ Animations4iClone

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Product description

WARNING : Use for iClone 6 or above !

Several cars with only one !!!!
I am pleased to be the first to offer a fully customizable car with new technology offered iClone 6 & Substance Allegorithmic.

You will only be limited by your imagination ...

Here, I offer the famous Citroën Traction Avant you can:
- Change the exterior and interior color
- Leave wear and rust at the outside and inside body
- View make it totally rusty as if it had been abandoned for several years
- Change the color of the rims and make used tires and make them rusty hubcaps
- Dirty seats - carpets - upholstery door - the headliner upholstery
- Put rust on the chrome bumpers - covers - Interior & exterior mirrors - Frame of the windscreen
- A function with Glow color choices to simulate the lighting of the headlights and taillights
- Change Color of the dashboard ...
- Import and change the number plate to match the country of your choice ... everything is provided for it to be simple ... etc ...

A multitude of settings and customizations in a choice of ccloris extended to all states.

The car also has commands to open / close all doors and the door of the trunk, are not forgotten ice that can fall and get up.

Much work has been done on the "Move" command for them to be realistic. The vehicle ahead using this command either to a point that you choose in the scene or you can make it follow a path. (In this case, it is advisable to put the car pivot point at the front wheels to increase the wheel turning precision in turns) ;.

This is the first of many I would like to propose

Watch the video ...


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