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Version: v5.5 or above

Author: GrannyJ

Uploaded: 2/20/2016 | User Rating:

This pack includes following items:

Actor > Accessories (1)
Animation > Motion (5)
Set > Props (2)

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Product description

UNLIKE similar products in the Marketplace that appear to mimic chalkboard writing - THIS PACK includes avatar motions for a truly realistic visual rendering & for a BARGAIN price!

This pack includes 2 SFX Magic Chalkboards (a standard green slate board & a blackboard) both with built-in animation to mimic chalk writing of 5 different phrases:

Welcome to 8th Grade

Geometry Class

Sister Agnes

Pythagorean Theorum

Plus an Equation

Also included is a chalk accessory for use with the 5 included avatar motions that match each of the 5 chalkboard phrases. Easily adjust speed using speed swith in your timeline for both the avatar & the chalkboard writing.


Bring your chalkboard of choice into your scene. Select it in Scene Manager; right click; select perform; select phrase desired.

Return to frame 1, bring avatar into scene & add writing chalk accessory. Select avatr in Scene Manager. Click on Animation tab, motion tab & go to GJ3D\MagicChalkboard folder & select motion that corresponds to phrase selected for the chalkboard. Let motion play out till it stops.

Select both chalboard & Avatar in Scene Manager & open timline. Move chalboard motion to align with character's first writing pose in avatar's motion.

Return to frame 1 & click "play" button - Voila - your character is writing on Chalkboard.


Although they can be used with any character, the motions included in this pack were specifically designed for the nun teachers in Granny J's St. Mary's Students pack. Tweaking may be required when being used with other avatars.

Perfect Companion Pack for Use with:

Need a special phrase written on the board? Just email and I will be happy to create the phrase on a chalkboard & the companion avatar motion for you for a reasonable fee.


chalk , chalk board , chalkboard , chlakboard writing motion , SFX , writing


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