Product Name: Starship Bridge 4
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Version: v5.5 or above

Author: VanishingPoint

Uploaded: 6/14/2016 | User Rating:

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Product description

Starship Bridge 4 by Vanishing Point

Introducing the Starship Bridge Set for iClone. It is supplied as a complete scene with subprops attached that can be hidden/saved.

On the outer "ring" are the crew stations, which are used to monitor all of the ship`s functions, ranging from Tactical to Science to Operations to Engineering. In the center is the captain`s chair, and next to it, the first officer`s/executive officer`s chair. Behind the captain and first officer is a standing station which provides access to additional tactical or weapons information. In the center-front of the bridge is the helm and navigation station, which, unlike previous starships, is manned by one officer. His chair can rotate along a rail to provide access to all the controls (keyframed on the timeline). The Rear Stations are not designated for a specific purpose and can be reconfigured to suit the needs of each mission.

* As is usual for our Starship Bridges, all walls (and the ceiling) can be hidden for easier camera placement.

* The helm chair can rotate along the metal "rail" (on timeline)

* All four of the crew chairs can rotate around and move on the timeline as they are subprops. Or, since they are separate parts, feel free to hide or show them depending on the needs of your scene.

* Right and left doors can open and close (Performs to OPEN, or OPEN,PAUSE,CLOSE)
- Although all of the doors can open, there are no corridors behind the doors. There will be more corridor sets for sale that could be used for background hallways. Stay tuned.

* The Plaque (on the Ops Wall) is a separate part, which can be moved or hidden to suit the needs of your scene.

Basically, each station can be hidden/shown and the chairs are sub-props attached to each station. There is one corridor entrance shown in video. Ceiling can be hidden as a separate part. Also, you can add videos to many of the monitor screens by dragging them to the prop - see video where main screen has space/stars video replacing the static jpeg on the front wall.

This pack is a must for sci-fi fans! Stay tuned for many more packs like this.


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