Product Name: Abandoned School Exterior
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Version: v7.2 or above

Author: NOT_Lonely

Uploaded: 7/15/2018 | User Rating:

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Product description

Abandoned School - Exterior - PBR by NOT Lonely

High Quality PBR props including Base Colour, Normal, A/O, Metallic and Roughness.

This is the final pack in the Abandoned School Series and it the Building Exterior. It is supplied as a project with the following:

1) Terrain (flat)

2) Exterior Building - 3 doors have a PERFORM to Open

3) Trees extending like panorama around building - Merged as one prop

4) Bushes Merged as one prop

5) Grass Patches (one Prop), Grass Small Patches (One Prop) and Weeds (one Prop).

6) Front Gate with doors on correct pivots for animating on the timeline

7) Rocks Merged as one Prop

8) Exterior Decals Merged as one Prop

9) Some Debris

10) Sidewalk Plane (textured and flat)

11) Outdoor Basketball Court - Merged as one prop

12) Some Street Lamps as singles

13) Fence grouping - some merged

NOTE: You also get single rocks, trees, fence pieces, bushes, grass parts, etc. supplied as singles - so you can remove the group sub-props if you don't like the placement and add your own to suit your particular scene. Some of the trees in the project are lower poly in the merged group so you can replace with the higher poly singles for close ups.

The interior is not included. (except for corridor prop - see below explanation.

These props were converted from a Unity project and it was not possible to provide the entire school with rooms in place due to the sheer size. Therefore, indivudual rooms were created separately as well as this exterior.

The swing as you see in the video has been provided as a sub-prop on a tree included. You can animate a swinging motions on the timeline to simulate the same look as the video.

Also, please note the video was created in Unity and is provided for creative inspiration only. This pack is the exterior only. The individual building parts are not included in the packs.

There is also a prop called "Interior Corridors" - which is set to load inside the school exterior - this is useful only for using "Open Door" to have some interior scene visible - may also be useful for a stairway/hall scene but is one merged prop and not meant to be a standalone set.

This building exterior could be very useful for spooky and horror exterior scenes.


abandoned , apocalyptic , derelict , destroyed , haunted , lonely , manor , not , pbr , school , spooky


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