Product Name: Piggery
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Version: v5.5 or above

Author: VanishingPoint

Uploaded: 7/10/2016 | User Rating:

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Product description

Piggery by Vanishing Point

This pack includes the building as shown and the fence. It is supplied as a single prop with subprops as follows:

* Main Door (rotates on correct pivot)

* Rear Side Door (rotates on correct pivot)

* Front Side Door (rotates on correct pivot)

* Side Fence

Intensive piggeries (or hog lots) are a type of factory farm specialized for the raising of domestic pigs up to slaughter weight. In this system of pig production, grower pigs are housed indoors in group-housing or straw-lined sheds, whilst pregnant sows are confined in sow stalls (gestation crates) and give birth in farrowing crates.

Original model created by Digimation Model Bank. Uploaded for sale here with their full permission.

Promos rendered in iClone. Various props from other packs used to set up the promo scene and are not included. Promos 8 & 9 show the Piggery building that is supplied.


bacon , barn , farm , hog , pig , piggery , point , shack , shed , vanishing


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