Product Name: Starship Bridge 5
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Version: v5.5 or above

Author: VanishingPoint

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Product description

Starship Bridge 5

Introducing the next Starship Bridge set for iClone.

On the outer "ring" are the crew stations, which are used to monitor all of the ship`s functions.

In the center is the captain`s chair, and next to it, the first officer`s and second officer`s chairs. Unlike previous starships, these chairs are fixed in place to provide more safety for the commanding officers

To the right and left of these chairs are the tactical stations. These provide access to the ship`s offensive and defensive weapons systems. Since the tactical officer has to be on alert at all times, these stations do not include a chair.

In front of the tactical stations are the science and engineering stations. These two consoles can be reconfigured to monitor any of the ship`s functions or to scan surrounding space.

In the center-front of the bridge is the helm and operations stations, which allow the officers to fly the ship.

As is usual for our Starship Bridges, all walls (and the ceiling) can be hidden for easier camera placement.

All of the crew chairs can rotate around and move. Or, since they are separate body parts, feel free to hide or show them depending on the needs of your scene.

The captains and officers chairs can not move or rotate.

All of the right and left doors can open and close.

Although all of the doors can open, there are no corridors behind the doors.

The Engineering and Science Consoles (and chairs) and the Tactical Consoles can be hidden or shown to allow more customization of your scene.

The Plaque (on the Left Alcove Wall) is a separate part, which can be moved or hidden to suit the needs of your scene and you can change the image.

NOTE: All doors have a perform menu for "Open" or "Open_Pause_Close". When applying these motions, please allow them to play out on the timeline for one door, then return to starting position to apply the Perform function to the other door and again, wait for it to play ot on the timeline.


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