Product Name: Vatican Feel
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Version: v5.0 or above

Author: Apparition

Uploaded: 2/8/2012 | User Rating:

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Product description

"Vatican Feel"

An extraordinary collection of finely crafted Catholic religious costumes!

An exhaustive search led Alley and Apparition to produce this outstanding quality wardrobe. Every detail has been taken into consideration to reflect a true look of many well known garments used by several orders and religious hierarchies.

Built upon a solid character base foundation, and using the most advanced texturing techniques, the "Vatican Feel" collection exploits to its limits the New Reallusion G5 architecture.

No matter what other series of clothing are available, the "Vatican Feel" is indeed the outmost expression of the state-of-the-art in design, modelling and texturing of 3D characters for the new iClone generation.

A definite "must" in any serious collection of actor-avatars!

Package includes: 6 Nun variations, 1 Priest, 1 Bishop, 1 Cardinal, 1 Pope, 1 Alter Boy, 1 Preacher/Reverand in Pulpit Gown for other church denominations, 2 Nun Cloth Bases, 1 Priest Cloth Base

Nun is 4 Layers - Gown, Bib, Headwrap, and Veil. Priest is 3 Layers - Bodysuit with full pant, Gown, Bib


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