Product Name: Tenement Set Addon Pack
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Version: v7.2 or above

Author: urbanlamb

Uploaded: 2/25/2018 | User Rating:

iContent: 450

Product description

Extra Bits 'n Pieces that can be used with the Tenement Pack Theme

Everything has seen better days.

There are two Picture frames each one you can easily add a photo to under the materials tab. Look for the material labelled picture and you will see the picture matching the one in the frame.

The two photos in the frames are in the public domain and were taken from the following links:

The Typewriter, square picture frame and necklace have bones so you can make small animations or pose them under the modify menu - simply go to motions and click edit motion layer and the skeleton will come up in a side panel for you to move the bones -

The Books are customizable by simply replacing the text using an editor such as photoshop or krita and creating an image. You can use the ones I loaded into the blend channel simply copy that configuration and replace the info.
This package will expand over time as I add more "bits 'n pieces"; If you see new items in the package, simply redownload the package in your account and it should update and give you the new bits.


chair , dated , debris , furniture , garbage , old , picture , sofa , table , tenement , typewriter , urbanlamb


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