Product Name: Forklift animated
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Version: v4.3 or above

Author: Pat59 (RL)

Uploaded: 12/28/2011 | User Rating:

iContent: 900

Product description

Compatible versions of iClone 4.31 or above

In both forklifts all functions such as mast height - the distance between the forks - the spacing and the rotation of the clamps are included in the command "Perform" in various positions. You also know to adjust or use manual settings.

Also included are features "Move" and you have a command "Move_Forward" and "Move_Backward"

Everything is used in the "Editor Mode" or "Director Mode" in the command of the keyboard Shortcuts are included to address the various elements.

Included in the pack:

2 Forklift animated features accessible via the command "Perform" and "Move"

8 accessories manuals for forklifts

Reallusion Marketplace distributes packs into separate elements directly, I suggest you put them together in a specific folder. This pack will be available after approval in the content store.

The scenery on the photo presentation is not included.

Thanks to

Sen for his participation in the design to me graciously provided technical advice as well as his notes that allowed me to achieve the "Perform and Move".
Without his help this would not have been possible.


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