Product Name: Chemistry Lab
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Version: v5.5 or above

Author: Tirgames

Uploaded: 4/23/2018 | User Rating:

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Product description

Chemistry Lab by Tirgames

For iClone 5 & Up!

This is a complete Chemistry Lab scene ready to start animating. It is set up with sub-props so that you can easily move, replicate or delete props. Props on wall are attached to walls and all 4 walls plus the ceiling can be hidden. Some desks have separate chairs, others are merged for quick set up.

You also get all the single props in a folder for adding to the scene or for use in other projects. Door set on correct pivots can be opened/closed on the timeline.


beakers , chemistry , class , experiment , lab , molecules , room , school , science , teacher , test , tirgames , tubes , university


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