Product Name: Pirate Deck Crew Drop In Crowd
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Version: v5.5 or above

Author: WarLord    @ Prop Masters

Uploaded: 11/3/2013 | User Rating:

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Product description

The original developer of crowds and characters as props in iClone, and the first developer to export characters as props for easy duplication is announcing the release of the first Drop-In Crowd prop from the Total Crowd Solution series.

One single click controls the ENTIRE crowd. Plus you can pose and move each individual pirate after the motion is applied! No more tedious crowd building... just drag... drop and use the right click menu for one click animation.

This series will focus on low poly drop in crowds, medium and high poly characters for background, middle and closeup camera shots.

Created by a filmmaker for filmmakers this Pirate Deck Crew is a simple one click solution for instant crowds. Drag and Drop into the scene, right click and select the motion to animate the ENTIRE crowd with one click. Future crowds will have multiple motions and will be developed in many different types.

This particular Drop In Crowd was created for a freelance pre-viz project and is now available to all iClone users.

Choose the Control Dummy to easily duplicate the crowd with multi-duplicate or one at a time.

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1 - 7 Pirate Drop-In Crowd Deck Crew with animation


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