Product Name: BUZZnBLOOMS
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Version: v5.5 or above

Author: GrannyJ

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Product description

There are plenty of wild little creatures buzzing about these blooms! These planters are the perfect touch for adding realism to your outdoor scenes... & they are simple to use!

The pack includes 4 planters - each one is complete with its own collection of unique plants and creatures.... and every one of them has built-in animation!

There's an adorable little hummingbird collecting nectar from the hisbiscus blooms in a pretty blue scalloped-edge ceramic planter.

Fat bumblebees and slinky caterpillars join a lone butterfly on a square stone planter.

There is a double-tiered planter with lots of tiger lilies and marigolds with a cluster of 3 butterflies hovering over the blooms, plus a wood rectangular planter filled with cala lilies, lilies of the valley and hens'n'chicks suculent plants that provide a lovely home for male & female dragonflies and a lone butterfly (KINDLY watch the video below & view the promotional images to see views of all 4 planters with their unique groupings of wildlife).

To activate the planter's built-in animation, simply add the planter to your scene, select it in your Scene Manager, right click on the planter, select "perform" and click on "Getting Nectar" motion. It's that easy!

PLEASE TAKE NOTE: Backgrounds & audio found in promotional materials are NOT included with this pack.


bumble bee , bumblebee , butterflies , butterfly , cala lily , caterpillar , ceramic planter , dragonfly , flowers , hibiscus , hummingbird , lilies , lillies , Lily of the Valley , marigolds , planter , tiger lily


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