Product Name: Casting Extra - China Asia
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Version: v5.22 or above

Author: Apparition

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Product description

Casting "Extras" - "China-Asian" - Lo Poly Characters - by Apparition & Alley

Casting "Extras" is a new product by Apparition/Alley. The Citizen Extra product by Reallusion was a great product in it's time, but is outdated and only provides for very basic modern day clothing, with no option of facial animation. These characters work with all iClone standard motions, along with the facial animation and puppetry. They can each speak and be animated independently. And, Apparition has been able to reduce the poly count of each character to around 10,000 polys. Hair has been reduced as well - some hairs on males & females will bring the count slightly higher.

This is sixth Grouping in the series called "China-Asia". With the release of the China City Elements, we thought this category might be useful. These Low poly characters include 22 avatars, as you see in the picture. Multiple variations in faces and body size are included. For variety, simply apply the Facial "Morph" selections, use the "Detail" selection and adust facial features or manually select the various sliders to change the look. Also, use the randomizer. Please note that if you should use the face mapping customizer, the head will be transformed into a G5 head and the polycount will go up by about 4,000. The heads were generated in iClone 4, which keeps the poly count down. Therefore, I would strongly suggest you do not use the customizer, if you plan to use a high number of these avatars and you want to keep the scene simple.

Please watch the video for more detail about the usefulness of these characters. Many of you have requested this type of lo-poly character to fulfill a need for filling your scenes with multiple characters, and we sincerely hope that you will find these low poly characters useful.

Watch for more low poly characters in various genres very soon.

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