Product Name: Deserted Town
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Version: v5.5 or above

Author: VanishingPoint

Uploaded: 7/31/2017 | User Rating:

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Product description

Deserted Town by Vanishing Point

What happened in this town? Did people abandon it or is it in the middle of battle? Perfect for scenes, ranging from a desert setting to sci-fi to post-apocalypse.

Includes a wrecked truck on one side of the road, a second wrecked truck on another road, and a truck on patrol in the middle of the road. Truck has separate wheels that can be animated and gun attached to the roof.

Rooftops are decorated with various details, from watertowers to satellite dishes. These are attached and part of the base of buildings.

Supplied as a scene with the following separate parts -

a) Ground with cross road

b) Sidewalks/cement

c) 2 wrecked cars

d) 1 in tact truck with rotatable wheels and gun

e) Buildings

f) Several doors are separate props that can be animated to open/close.

You can also line up several of the ground props and replicate the building blocks to create a larger scene.

UPDATE: I have separated the buildings into 4 "Blocks". This will make hiding a block of buildings for filming more convenient. The separate doors for each block are attached to that block and can be animated to open/close on the timeline as they are set up to do so by choosing the door and then the rotate key.

So there are two props provided. The original one with all buildings as one "Base" and the new one that has the 4 separate blocks. This one is labelled Deserted_Town_Scene_Blocks.

NOTE: Original model created by Digimation Model Bank. Uploaded for sale here with their full permission.


abandoned , apocalypse , city , desert , deserted , point , sci-fi , town , town , vanishing , village


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