All information input in the uploader will be displayed in different places when users browse your content. Following in an example to demonstrate how the information be used:

Product type, category, and sub-category  
Item name  
Content page header: 1,000 pixel width, up to 300KB. If no page is uploaded, this area will be hidden.
Content information, including thumbnail (100*140 pixel, up to 30KB), Product version, Price, and related content (Required content, or a link to content pack if Content Store Pack ID is input)
Content Description. Text can be input from the uploader, and you can also go to Edit Content page and use rich text editor to add link, image, or video
Preview image: 360*300 pixel, up to 300KB. Up to 9 images per content
  Additional Setting in the uploader
Swf name: WidgetCast content only. You need to specify the main swf file to generate preview swf to viewers right above "6. Preview image area".
YouTube URL: You can upload a clip of video to YouTube and input the URL, for example,, to show case your content.
Thumbnail: You can replace the default thumbnail if you like.  
Tag: Cross linking and tag search will be release in the future to increase content exposure.  
Traible: If unchecked, users will not see "Add to trial list" button for the content. Only purcahser can download the content.  
Not shareable: If unchecked, users can freely share the content without showing watermark. However, some content format can not be adjusted, e.g. .swf, .iscene.