Customize Your Portal
Choose a theme
Reallusion City provides you several themes with different color styles and layouts to help you customize your portal/club. You can apply your favorite theme or customize your own theme by editing CSS. Here are the available styles for your reference.
Theme 1 Theme 2 Theme 3
Movie Feminine Animation
Theme 4 Theme 5  
Blue Neon  
Set your signboard

You may want to promote your media or highlight the subject of your portal page. You can create text or upload a banner to make a custom signboard as you wish.

Arrange your media
Reallusion City provides a “module management” function. You can drag the modules to arrange their display sequence. You can refer to the following table to know how many modules are available for your portal customization.
Hot Content
List your best selling content in your portal.
All Content
List all your content in your portal.
Forum Posts
Display your latest forum post.
Rich Text
Use rich text editor to add message, image, video, or widget to your portal.
Link List
Add a collection of your favorite sites or web pages.
Image Gallery
Display images by chosen author or tag from Flickr or Picasa.
Video Bar
Display video clips by chosen author or tag from YouTube, Vimeo, or Dailymotion.
RSS Feed
Add content from an RSS feed, for example, your blog.
Display your member status in Reallusion City.
Message Board
Put a message board in your portal/shop so other members can leave you a public or private message.
Display widgets hosted in Reallusion by Widget ID. If you wish to import non Java Script widgets from other sites, you can copy/paste the embed code into Rich Text module.
Wish List
Display your Reallusion city wish list.
Featured Items
List selected feature content in your portal/shop.
Recommended Packs
List all your content in your portal.
Here are some examples of other portal pages; you will know how a portal page can be designed and which kind of module is used in different scenarios.
Sample 1 Sample 2 Sample 3
Movie Fan Costume Designer Animation

Sample 4 Sample 5  
Studio Production Online Portfolio